Skin Care> 5% Niacinamide Face Serum Benefits - Know How Helpful It Is For Your Skin

 5% Niacinamide Face Serum Benefits - Know How Helpful It Is For Your Skin

5% Niacinamide Face Serum Benefits - Know How Helpful It Is For Your Skin

5% Niacinamide Face Serum Benefits

5 Percent Niacinamide Face Serum

Niacinamide has various benefits for skin hydration, pore tightening, unclogging the pores and radiant skin brightening. also called nicotinamide, is a form of vitamin B-3, an essential nutrient. A B-3 deficiency can lead to disorders of the skin and face. Applying niacinamide can help prevent B-3 deficiency.

And there’s much more to this nutrient, especially when it comes to general skin health. Although more research is needed, topical niacinamide may help treat certain skin conditions, including acne and eczema.

5% Niacinamide Possible Skin Benefits: 

  • Skin Immunity. Niacinamide helps build keratin, a type of protein that keeps your skin firm and healthy.
  • Lipid barrier. Niacinamide can help your skin grow a ceramide (lipid) barrier, which can, in turn, helps retain moisture. This is beneficial for all skin types, especially if you have eczema or mature skin.
  • Minimizes redness and blotchiness. Niacinamide reduces inflammation, which may help ease redness from eczema, acne, and other inflammatory skin conditions.
  • Minimizes pore appearance. Keeping skin smooth and moisturized may have a secondary benefit — a natural reduction in pore size over time.
  • Regulates oil. The benefits of moisture retention aren’t just for those with dry skin types. 5% Niacinamide can also help regulate the amount of oil the sebaceous glands produce and prevent your glands from going into overdrive.
  • Protects against sun damage. Niacinamide can concurrently rebuild healthy skin cells while also protecting them from damage caused by ultraviolet rays.
  • Treats hyperpigmentation. Some research has found 5% niacinamide concentrations can be helpful in lightening dark spots. Benefits were seen after four weeks, but not beyond two months. This benefit may be due to increased collagen production.
  • Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. Research has also found that the same concentration was helpful in reducing some signs of sun damage that come with aging. This includes fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Protects against oxidative stress. Niacinamide helps build cells in the skin while also protecting them from environmental stresses, such as sunlight, pollution, and toxins.
  • Treats acne. Niacinamide 5% may be helpful for severe acne, especially inflammatory forms like papules and pustules. Over time, you may see fewer lesions and improved skin texture.

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How To use Niacinamide 5% In Skin-care Routine

The best way of using 5% niacinamide is, Unscrew the dropper from the bottle of 5% Niacinamide, use it to drop 2 drops into the palm of your hands. Rub the product in your palms slightly to spread it around before you start applying. If you use too much of the product, you could cause irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin.

dry to normal skin people might have to use bit more, as their skin is already de-hydrated and will absorb more. 

5% Niacinamide Side Effects

When used topically at concentrations of 5% or less, niacinamide is unlikely to cause side effects. But always watch for reactions (such as redness) when starting a new product.

There might be some mild side effects can occur such as, 

  1. Itching On Face. 
  2. Redness. 
  3. irritation or some sensation. 

to avoid these one should do a patch test before using it. 


1. Can We Use Face Serum 5% Niacinamide Daily?

Yes,  5% niacinamide along with 1% hyaluronic and 1% NAC is recommended for daily use. 

2. How does Niacinamide work on your face?

5% niacinamide When applied topically, Niacinamide works on our skin by getting converted to NADH and NADPH; these compounds provide energy to the cells tackling free radicals and boosting protein synthesis, hence providing a protective skin barrier. This conversion also reduces the production of sebum, aiding in the prevention of acne and blemishes.

3. Does 5% Niacinamide help in lightening or brightening of the skin?

Scientific studies have proven its property to inhibit melanin production, which helps treat hyperpigmentation and lightening dark spots hence enhancing skin tone. Still, there are no clinical studies of it providing a lighter skin tone. But it is found to improve overall complexion.

4. What is the right age to start using 5% Niacinamide Face Products ?

5% Niacinamide is safe and recommended by dermatologists to use at any age, but you will need it after 18 -20 years when the body's natural ability to form a skin barrier starts degrading. It can also be used in your teenage to combat acne marks caused by your teen acne.

5. Is 5% Niacinamide Good For Acne?

SUITS NORMAL to OILY SKIN & Effective for Dry & Sensitive Skin As Well: Niacinamide is proven safe ingredients for all skin types and that is why it is so popular but 5% Niacinamide is the best daily serum for oily skin or acne prone skin. 

6. Is 5% Nicotinamide and Niacinamide 5% Same?

They both are same, just different names.

7. Can 5% Niacinamide and 1% Hyaluronic Acid Be Used Together?

5% Niacinamide can be used with a variety of skin care ingredients, such as, peptides and hyaluronic acid. 

8. Can We Use Niacinamide 5% For Skin Brightening? 

Vitamin B3 is also known as Nicotinamide that works wonders for your skin. Niacinamide can remain all alone in your serums and creams, yet it's shockingly better when joined with other skin-boosting fixings. so both versions 5% and 10% niacinamide brings the skin brightening and glow.

9. Where Can I Best 5 % Niacinamide + Hyaluronic Acid 1% Serum In India?


10. What Is Niacinamide Made From?

Niacinamide is an old time favourite ingredient in the green beauty industry. The niacinamide properties and the high tolerability even on sensitive skin, made it a star vitamin, widely used in skincare. It is naturally derived from nicotinic acid found in many cereals and brewer's yeast.

11. Which Serum is Good 5% vs 10% Niacinamide ?

12. Is niacinamide serum Goof For Pores Tightening?

13. How To Use  5% Niacinamide + Zinc 1% Serum?


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